Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crochet Name plaque for new baby

This is the newest crochet name plaque I have done. I came up with a new design to fit into a new baby girls room. I love making these but it does take some time. The biggest hurdle is finding a frame that fits. This one turned out real cute. Hoping the people I gave it to will enjoy it. I have a lot more that I have finished on my shops if anyone would like to take a look. Most of the time I don't frame the ones I make because it is too costly to send a frame with glass in it. They really need to have glass or some kind of light weight plexi glass to keep them from getting dirty.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summers over

Well summer is over and the grandchildren are all getting back in school. Guess things will calm down a little now (not!) Now the fun really starts. Everyone got to come and stay on the farm a while except one. And the ones that live right here anyway. They are in and out all the time. It's all wondeful though. Wouldn't have it any other way. Love them all dearly. They're just all growing up way too fast.

Wormy the catipellar

This little guy was a project for my grandson's pre-school teacher. They're mascot for the school was just like this little guy. It really turned out good and the teachers loved it.

newest creations

Haven't posted in some time again. Have some Halloween and harvest items on my shops. Here's a little sneak peak. Wish I had time to do more things but have been at the hospital with sick folks off and on all the time it seems. At least the Lord is looking out for them and they are all still with us.